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Security Is a Growing Industry—And It Pays to Find the Best Providers

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A multifaceted concept that encompasses a range of ideas, security has become a necessity—even more so as threats to security involve not only physical violence, but also virtual data breaches and discreet fraudulent activities.

Constant news of the soaring rates of suspicious incidents and dangerous activities affecting all levels of society has increased the need for dependable security services. Because damages of all types can occur due to the lack of or lapses in security, it has become extremely important for individuals, businesses and organizations to hire security service providers who are the best in their fields. Clients expect security service companies to implement dexterous security solutions, as well as threat identification and neutralization strategies based on the early recognition and accurate analysis of the risks.

When it comes to offering Belcastro Security Services, settle for no less than a team of seasoned security service specialists who possess the specialized skills, up-to-date knowledge, and adequate training. Look for security services which fight off the threats, safeguard your loved ones, and protect your assets using technologically advanced protection systems that address your specific security needs.

Professional security services come in many forms. A fully equipped and capable security service provider should be able to deliver a wide range of security services for all your safety concerns on a personal, professional, or much larger scale. A robust suite of Belcastro Security Services can include physical security, security force management, security education and training, safety audits and programs, security consulting, and workplace violence countermeasures.

Keep your loved ones and your assets secure. Trust only a team of security services provider in Colorado that, owing to their dependable professional services, can give you the peace of mind and protection you deserve.

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Practical Ways to Prevent Workplace Violence

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Workplace violence refers to an act or threat that signifies physical violence, intimidation, harassment or other threatening behavior that takes place at work. Threats, verbal abuse, physical assaults, homicide, and other violent acts all fall into this category.

Workplace violence can involve employees, customers, and clients. It is a major concern for both employers and employees as acts of violence are currently the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States.

Major Causes of Workplace Violence

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, almost two million cases of workplace violence are reported each year in the United States, with many more unreported cases. According to research there are 6 major causes of workplace violence. These are:

  • Work that involves exchanging money with the public (delivery drivers, remittance services, etc.)
  • Working with psychologically unstable people
  • Working in isolated places
  • Working in a business where alcohol is served
  • Working on graveyard shift
  • Working in places with high crime rates

How to Reduce or Prevent Workplace Violence

Violence is not a rare occurrence in the workplace.

Many companies that have identified the risk factors associated with work-related injuries were able to establish appropriate measures to prevent or minimize workplace violence. In order to establish safety in the workplace, it is imperative for businesses to implement measures towards zero tolerance on violence in the workplace. This should cover all employees, contractors, customers, and visitors. Here are practical ways to prevent or reduce workplace violence:

1. Establish a Policy that Prohibits Harassment

This policy should cover all levels in the organization including executives, managers, and employees. It should be disseminated to all levels in the organization. As the employer, be sure to know that everyone in your organization understands that policy. Furthermore, you also need to establish a set of procedures designed to quickly and privately address and take care of complaints and incident reports.

2. Create an Open Line of Communication with Employees

An open line of communication can play a major role in averting workplace violence. The silence of victims and witnesses gives violent employees an opportunity to thrive in the workplace. Stop this by encouraging your workers to communicate with one another especially to the people authorized to investigate, resolve conflicts or impose disciplinary action. This can help to alleviate misunderstandings or defuse tensions, and prevent possible violence from taking place.

3. Offer Training Sessions that Enable workers to Identify Violent Behavior

Invest money and time to train your workers to identify violent behavior and make them aware of the presence of a violent coworker or intruder. Draw up Emergency Response Plans and provide your staff with Emergency Preparedness Training to make them ready for unexpected incidents. This can help to prevent violence in your facility. You may seek the assistance of professionals like Boulder Security Services to make the job easier for you.

4. Establish a Company Code of Conduct that Emphasizes “Zero-Tolerance”

Create a code of conduct that emphasizes zero tolerance to violence in the workplace and make sure that all your employees are aware of it. This works to instill your commitment against workplace violence in the minds of your workers.

5. Encourage Your Workers to Respect Individual Differences

Differences in outlooks and abilities between individuals is an important factor for building a strong team. Instill into your employees the importance of respecting and recognizing individual differences. It’s one of the best aspects of building strategic teams. It is also one of the best ways to avoid conflict in the workplace.

6. Resolve Conflicts Quickly

The immediate resolution of conflicts is an easy way out to prevent violence in the workplace. Monitor how your teams work together and see if there are signs of tensions which can possibly escalate into violence. By resolving conflicts as soon as they begin, you will be able to prevent workplace violence.

7. Define Unacceptable Behavior and Let Your Workers Understand the Consequences of Committing Violent Acts

Let your workers understand what behaviors are unacceptable and let them know the consequences should they commit threatening or violent acts in the workplace.

8. Encourage Your Workers to Report Violent Incidents

Encourage your workers to report all violent incidents by giving them the assurance that you will treat each report with confidentiality. This can help to relieve them from fears of retaliation from co-workers.

9. Install Effective Measures to Deter Robbery

Robbery can happen at companies that sell valuables or handle a lot of transactions in cash. This can include banks, remittance companies (ex. Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.), money changers, and jewelry stores.

Robbery often involves outsiders. Prevent it by installing measures to deter would be criminals from perpetuating violent acts against your company. Make your system robbery-proof with the help of professionals like Belcastro Security Services.

Enjoy the benefit of peace of mind by ensuring a safe workplace for your employees. Let our team at Boulder Security Services provide your company with the knowledge and technology it needs to make your business violence-free.

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Practical Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Company’s Security Services

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Security is an essential factor for the seamless operation of a business. It is mainly concerned with the protection of its managers, employees, customers, company assets, tools, equipment, software, confidential information and important data.

To ensure that your organization including its physical, financial and intellectual assets are safeguarded, you need to know the level of effectiveness your security services is providing your business with. Incidentally, there’s only one way to do it and it is to measure their knowledge and of the job and their ability to actually implement that knowledge.

Here are a few ways that can help you to measure how effective your security service provider is in keeping your company safe and secure:

1. Conduct a review of your security contractor’s system of supervising their guards.

This can help you to actually find out if your contractor has an adequate supervision system. This can also give business managers the confidence that the guards assigned in their premises are alert, trained, and aware of their responsibilities.

2. Evaluate the training provided to the security guards.

Generally, the performance of the guards is a reflection of their training. In the same way, an unsatisfactory security service is a clear indication of inadequate training. To make sure that your security services provider is adequately training its guards, you need to assess how it orients its guards in relation to your workplace. The best way to evaluate that training is to sit through one of its orientations. This enables you to determine how your contractor prepares its guards to perform security services on your property. Meanwhile, if the orientation is not on schedule, you may ask your security contractor these questions:

  • Was the training done at your property?
  • Who provided the training?
  • How many days/hours of training did each guard receive?
  • Are there any post orders that can be applied to the training?

3. Check the qualifications of your guards.

Many states require guards to go through a specified amount of training in order to qualify for a license. Knowing your guards’ qualifications can help you to ensure their compliance. This can also help you to determine that your guards are qualified. And to really make sure that all of the guards assigned to your property are a good fit, let your security provider agree in writing that you reserve the right to conduct an interview of guards before they are assigned to your property. Interviewing guards before they are dispatched for an assignment is a good way to find out what these security guards can deliver. You may request replacement of a guard if you think he is not a perfect match for your security expectations.

4. Perform unannounced security inspections.

The best way to find out if your guards are doing their job is to go around your property unannounced after office hours. While doing the rounds, you may stop by some of your guards and ask them casually about their duties to see if they have a good understanding of their responsibilities.

Another way to assess the performance of your security is to have your guards/security provider audited by a third party security consultant. This can be another security services provider like Boulder Security Services. Doing this is a good way to avoid biased results.

Security is an added expense to any enterprise that you want to protect against loss or damage. It is one of the main reasons why many companies and some private individuals hire Boulder Security Services.

All providers of security services are well aware that their main responsibility is to keep a perimeter secure and safe – be it a home, workplace or open field. But since not all security contractors are equal, you need to make sure that the one you’re working with is like Belcastro Security Services – efficient, experienced, and capable of providing you with honest, well-trained and professional security guards.

Achieve peace of mind by making sure that your home or workplace is safeguarded. Call Boulder Security Services at (720) 319-0992.